Language: Old English
Origin: twiga


adverb, predeterminer
1HMN two times:
He was questioned by police twice yesterday.
twice a day/week/year etc (=two times in the same day, week etc)
Letters were delivered twice a week only.
None of our dinner menus are exactly the same twice over.
2 two times more, bigger, better etc than something else
twice as many/much (as something)
They employ 90 people, twice as many as last year.
twice as high/big/large etc (as something)
Interest rates are twice as high as those of our competitors.
twice the size/number/rate/amount etc
an area twice the size of Britain

➔ once bitten, twice shy

at once1 (19)

➔ once or twice

at once1 (12)

➔ think twice

at think1 (8)

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