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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwicetwice /twaɪs/ ●●● S2 W2 adverb, predeterminer  1 HMNTWOtwo times He was questioned by police twice yesterday.twice a day/week/year etc (=two times in the same day, week etc) Letters were delivered twice a week only. None of our dinner menus are exactly the same twice over.2 two times more, bigger, better etc than something elsetwice as many/much (as something) They employ 90 people, twice as many as last year.twice as high/big/large etc (as something) Interest rates are twice as high as those of our competitors.twice the size/number/rate/amount etc an area twice the size of Britain once bitten, twice shy at once1(19), → once or twice at once1(12), → think twice at think1(7)
Examples from the Corpus
twiceI've only met him twice.Staff meetings are held twice a month.I play golf twice a week.She's been married twice before.The weather was great - it only rained twice in three weeks.You should read the exam question twice over before answering it.The company's accounts were checked twice over, the second time by an independent auditor.twice a day/week/year etcA piano bar is open twice a week.Got up only when they made the bed, a bed bath twice a week.I certainly won't be rushing around like I used to, racing every day and sometimes twice a day.I will brush him twice a day!Indexed to cost-of-living figures, the bonds' returns are adjusted twice a year.Swim ten lengths twice a week.Father Devlin called twice a year to collect the Easter and Christmas dues.The man used to come twice a week to collect the jukebox.twice as many/much (as something)A doctor would have charged at least twice as much.Some 2m jobs have been lost since 1990, almost twice as many as during the 1979-81 recession.The latter is over a thousand feet thick in the Belfast area, and twice as much at Larne.By this means, twice as many cases of trichomonal urethritis can be found among these male contacts.For twice as much energy, and twice the expense, you could escape from Earth entirely.Men have twice as many fatal accidents as women do for every mile they drive.About twice as many, for depression by itself.Worse, he had to take a thirty percent pay cut for working twice as many hours.