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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapothecarya‧poth‧e‧ca‧ry /əˈpɒθəkəri $ əˈpɑːθəkeri/ noun (plural apothecaries) [countable]  MNsomeone who mixed and sold medicines in the past
Examples from the Corpus
apothecaryOh, he would be a doctor, an apothecary, but he was also a poisoner.Bloodletting is popular among the doctors and apothecaries, but herbal medicine, witchcraft and spells are rampant in the general population.In 1828 he began five years as an apprentice apothecary with the Apothecaries' Company of London.He trained both sons as chemist apothecaries, the older, Christopher, succeeding to his university post.Like the committees of July 1936, they issued passports, raised local levies, licensed apothecaries.The apothecary came in his pony and trap just before Pa got home.The apothecary took my money, wrapped up a bottle in blue paper and handed it over, hardly looking at me.