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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobstetricianob‧ste‧tri‧cian /ˌɒbstəˈtrɪʃən $ ˌɑːb-/ noun [countable]  MNMa doctor who has special training in obstetrics
Examples from the Corpus
obstetricianThe form contemplated that it would also be countersigned by an obstetrician, but it was not so signed.For Barker Brown and many other gynaecologists and obstetricians of the period, clitoridectomy was the solution.And there are rather a lot of photographs of one particular consultant obstetrician gynaecologist, Yehudi Gordon.Also patron of the falsely accused, midwives, obstetricians, and pregnant women.They were approached by a senior obstetrician at the John Radcliffe Maternity hospital.There were a few tears even the obstetrician seemed a bit overcome and kept shaking my hand.I was disappointed especially once the obstetrician began talking Caesareans and epidurals.Flores was able to take paid family-care time to go to the obstetrician with her.