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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdietarydi‧e‧ta‧ry /ˈdaɪətəri $ -teri/ ●○○ adjective  DFNrelated to the food someone eatsnutritional special dietary requirements
Examples from the Corpus
dietarySimilarly recorded laboratory data, anthropometric measures, dietary assessments, knowledge tests, and attitudinal surveys document outcomes.The bile acid concentration in faecal water also decreased with increasing dietary calcium, and this was not influenced by dietary phosphate.That is like an obese person with unhealthy eating habits deciding against making dietary changes and opting instead for liposuction.You are, you see, still consuming a very high percentage of dietary fibre.Often the interpretation of laboratory data is difficult and does not necessarily correlate with either clinical or dietary findings.The dietary guidelines can be achieved by eating more fruits and vegetables.Sri Lanka is a good example of this dietary imperialism.Physical examination may reveal evidence of certain nutritional deficiencies that will not be detected by dietary or laboratory methods. 2.In conclusion, dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids enhance duodenal resistance to acid by potentiation of adaptive cytoprotection.