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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfat-freeˌfat-ˈfree adjective  DFNcontaining no fat fat-free yoghurt
Examples from the Corpus
fat-freeChips have lots of vitamin C and gherkins are fat-free, but mix with jacket spuds and calorie-free salads.Whatever the reason, people who believe that eating quantities of fat-free cookies is a smart nutrition strategy are deluding themselves.Check for a crisp, mahogany-colored skin that will ensure a 96 relatively fat-free duck.Twinkling sleighs, sporting six pairs of reindeer and a fat-free Santa, decorate even the most modest of houses.Even recently, fat-free snack manufacturers have had a problem: People would buy the products, but only once.Virtually fat-free yoghurt or fromagefrais, or fresh fruit for dessert.Dinner Chilli con carne with brown rice, fresh green salad, fat-free yoghurt.fat-free yogurt