2 noun
1 [uncountable]HBA a substance that is stored under the skin of people and animals, that helps to keep them warm:
Rolls of fat bulged over his collar.
I didn't like the meat - there was too much fat on it.
2 [uncountable and countable]DFN an oily substance contained in certain foods:
Cream has a high fat content.
high/low in fat
This cheese is relatively low in fat.
You should think about reducing your fat intake (=the amount of fat you eat).
a low-fat diet
saturated fat
3 [uncountable and countable]DFC an oily substance taken from animals or plants and used in cooking:
Place the chicken in the hot fat.

the fat is in the fire

used to say that there will be trouble because of something that has happened

live off the fat of the land

to get enough money to live comfortably without doing much work

run to fat

to start to become fat, especially because you are getting older or do not do much exercise

➔ chew the fat

at chew1 (4), puppy fat

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