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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglutenglu‧ten /ˈɡluːtn/ noun [uncountable]  DFNHBa sticky protein substance that is found in wheat flour
Examples from the Corpus
glutenIn 20, the biopsy was repeated and showed improvement after the beginning of a gluten free diet.Compliance and response to a gluten free diet were assessed at each visit by careful questioning.In this study the antigliadin antibody-IgG test was often abnormal on gluten free diet and showed almost no correlation with the microchallenge.It will have an open gluten network, a nutty flavor, and a wonderful character.The development of the gluten free diet was based on these discoveries.The gluten is in the process of setting and the crust is deceptively crisp, hiding the immature bread within.The gluten should be providing a stretchable medium in which the dough can sustain its rise and hold its dome.Hardness refers to gluten and protein, which form the cell structure of the dough.