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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnutritionnu‧tri‧tion /njuːˈtrɪʃən $ nuː-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 DFNthe process of giving or getting the right type of food for good health and growthmalnutrition Nutrition and exercise are essential to fitness and health. a nutrition expertpoor/good nutrition Poor nutrition can cause heart disease in later life.see thesaurus at food2 the science that deals with the effects of food, vitamins etc on people’s health
Examples from the Corpus
nutritionConscientious about nutrition, Wait said he added fruit to his recipe to increase moisture and decrease the fat content.The guidelines are the cornerstone of federal nutrition policy.Women tend to be more conscious of good nutrition.Remember that if you have strayed from the sensible paths of nutrition on occasion - panic not!Dietary supplements are seldom indicated; tube feeding or parenteral nutrition are rarely necessary and should be avoided.Process assessments compare the documented care with what is accepted as optimum practice based on current scientific nutrition knowledge and expert opinion.An accomplished sportswoman, she presents seminars and courses on sports nutrition.poor/good nutritionKnowledge about diet and good nutrition can offset any tendency to constipation and avoid the constipation-pain-retention cycle building up.Clearly poor children are at significant risk of hunger and poor nutrition.The balanced diet For good nutrition and a balanced diet, first on the list is protein.Just as parents should foster good nutrition from an early age, they should support and encourage healthy physical activity.Receding or inflamed gums will need good nutrition to heal.The basics of good nutrition lie in what is readily available in your house for you to consume.Exercise, in addition to good nutrition, can guard against a whole range of serious ailments.People who are on low-calorie diets and eat a lot of these snacks end up getting very poor nutrition.