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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnutritiousnu‧tri‧tious /njuːˈtrɪʃəs $ nuː-/ adjective  DFNDFNfood that is nutritious is full of the natural substances that your body needs to stay healthy or to grow properly Wholemeal bread is more nutritious than white bread. Nuts and fruit make nutritious snacks. The cookbook contains many simple yet highly nutritious meals.
Examples from the Corpus
nutritiousTo extend the metaphor, the fare is competently cooked and reasonably nutritious.Raw vegetable salads are very nutritious.Other features: lightweight and nutritious.They are wholesome and nutritious and I like to see them disappear into the dough, becoming part of the whole.Potatoes are naturally nutritious and kind in calories, unless you add a high-fat topping such as cheese or sour cream.I eat a lot of beans, lentils and vegetables, which are nutritious but cheap.Not only is colostrum known to be extremely nutritious but it too has special protective properties against illness.Milk is a very nutritious food, containing protein, vitamins and minerals.We need good, nutritious food to stay healthy.And it's also one of the most nutritious fruits.Termites, more nutritious than rump steak!Brown bread is more nutritious than white.highly nutritiousHere are some examples of simple yet highly nutritious meals.