1DFN someone who is overweight is too heavy and fat [↪ underweight]
10 kilos/20 lbs etc overweight
Sally was fifty pounds overweight.
He is slightly overweight.
see usage note fat1
2TM something such as a package that is overweight weighs more than it is supposed to weigh [↪ underweight]:
My luggage was overweight by five kilos.

fat, overweight, obese, chubby, plump, big, well-built
In general, people do not like to be called fat. But some ways to say 'fat' are less rude than others.fat is a very direct word. You might use it about yourself but it will usually cause offence if you use it about someone else I'm so fat at the moment!overweight is a more polite way to say that someone is fatter than they usually are or than they should be She is a little overweight.obese is a word used especially by doctors to describe people who are very fat, in a way that is bad for their health.chubby is a more informal word and is used especially of children or of rounded body parts such as cheeks or knees.plump means fat and rounded in a pleasant way a plump, motherly womanbig and well-built are fairly polite ways to describe someone with a large, strong, or fat body For big men like him, air travel can be uncomfortable.See also fat

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