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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseancese‧ance /ˈseɪɑːns, -ɒns $ -ɑːns/ noun [countable]  ROa meeting where people try to talk to or receive messages from the spirits of dead people
Examples from the Corpus
seanceDuring a seance, humans request their spirit guides to come and to help them.The pianist sits and dabs at his keyboard, as though he were sorting cards for a seance.Karajan sat with the orchestra in something closer to a seance or seminar than a rehearsal.Rhoda took to table-tapping and seances and reported seeing the ghost of Wendy hovering over her bed at night.But mainly they came to their human partners in seances or visions.Look what had happened at the last seance.Wasn't it likely that the thing that had got into him at the seance was really from the planet Tellenor?Since his student days in Venice, when he went to seances, he had been fascinated by the occult.