accountant actuary administrator adviser advocate amanuensis archivist armourer auctioneer audiotypist backroom boy bailiff baker banker barber bargee barkeeper barker barmaid barman bartender beachcomber beadle bellboy bellhop biographer blacksmith boatman boatswain bodyguard boffin bombardier bookseller boss botanist bouncer breeder bricklayer buckaroo builder bureaucrat butcher butler buyer cabin boy cabinet-maker career counselor careers officer caretaker carpenter carter cashier caterer CEO certified public accountant chairman chambermaid chandler char charlady charwoman chef chief executive officer chief of staff childminder chimney sweep cleaner clerk clothier clown coastguard cobbler cocktail waitress collier comedian comedienne comic commercial traveller commissionaire compositor concierge confectioner consultant cook cooper copy editor copywriter correspondent costermonger counsellor courier cowboy cowgirl cowhand cowpoke CPA craftsman crew crewman crofter croupier curator custodian daily dairymaid dairyman delivery man designer desk clerk detective dick dietician dinner lady disc jockey dispatch rider district nurse diver DJ docent docker dogcatcher dog warden domestic domestic service doorkeeper doorman dowser dramatist draper draughtsman dressmaker driver drover druggist dustbin man dustman educationalist educator electrician engineer escort essayist estate agent executive farmer farmhand farrier fire chief firefighter fireman first mate first officer fishmonger fitter florist flower girl foreman forewoman frogman fruiterer functionary funeral director furrier gaffer gamekeeper garbage collector garbage man gardener gatekeeper gaucho gendarme ghost writer glazier goatherd goldsmith gondolier governess governor gravedigger greengrocer grip grocer groom groundsman ground staff guard guest worker guide gunner gunsmith hack handler handmaiden handyman hangman harvester hatter hawker headhunter head teacher helper herald herbalist herdsman hired hand hireling historian homemaker homeworker house husband housewife iceman illustrator impersonator impresario industrialist innkeeper inspector interior decorator interpreter investigator janitor jester jeweller joiner journo JP judge keeper lamplighter landlady landlord librarian locksmith longshoreman magician maid maid of honour maidservant mail carrier mailman maitre d' majordomo man management consultant manservant mason masseur masseuse matador mathematician mechanic medic menial(a) menial(n) merchant seaman midwife milkmaid milkman milliner minder miner miniaturist minister model mortician mover movie star nanny navvy newscaster newsreader night porter night watchman novelist number cruncher nurse nursemaid nurseryman nursery nurse nursing obstetrician occupation odd-job man oilman old salt optician ostler packer paediatrician paediatrics pageboy painter palmist paperboy paper girl paper-pusher parachutist paralegal paramedic park keeper parliamentarian pathology pawnbroker peasant pedlar pen pusher pensioner performer personal assistant pharmacist photographer pipe fitter planter plasterer playwright ploughman plumber poet police porter postman potter practitioner printer private detective private eye private investigator private practice private secretary pro(n) pro(a) probation officer profession professional(a) professional(n) professionally programmer property developer prostitute psychiatrist psychiatry psychoanalyst publican public defender publicist public prosecutor public relations publisher purser quantity surveyor question master rabbi radiographer radiologist rag-and-bone-man rancher ranger real estate agent receptionist recruit rector registrar repo man reporter restaurateur retailer reviewer roadie road manager rookie roughneck roustabout sailor salesclerk salesgirl salesman salesperson sales representative saleswoman sanitation worker scalper schoolmaster schoolmistress schoolteacher scout(n) scout(v) screw scribe scrubber sea captain seaman seamstress secretary security guard semi-professional servant shepherd shepherdess ship's chandler shipwright shoemaker shopkeeper silversmith smith soldier soldier of fortune spaceman spiv stallholder stationer steeplejack steersman steno stenographer stevedore stockbroker stoker storekeeper straight man stringer structural engineer stylist submariner superintendent surveyor sweep swineherd tailor tanner taster tattooist taxidermist teamster telecommuter teller temp(n) temp(v) tinker tobacconist town crier trade tradesman traffic warden translator trapper travel agent travelling salesman treasurer troubleshooter trucker turner typist typographer undertaker underwriter usher usherette usurer valet valuer video jockey villein vintner vocation vocational waiter waitress wallah warden warder washerwoman watchmaker watchman weaver welder whaler wheelwright window cleaner window dresser woodcutter woodsman workman WPC wrangler writer yeoman zoo-keeper


oc‧cu‧pa‧tion S3 W3
1 [countable]BO a job or profession:
Please state your name, address and occupation.
professional and managerial occupations
manual occupations
see usage note job
2 [uncountable]PM when a large group of people enter a place and take control of it, especially by military force
occupation of
the German occupation of France
under occupation
The area is under occupation (=controlled by a foreign army).
3 [countable] a way of spending your time [= pastime]:
One of my childhood occupations was collecting stamps.
4 [uncountable] when someone lives or stays in a building or place:
When the first scientists came to the region they found little evidence of human occupation.

job, work, post, position, occupation, profession, career
Your job is the work that you do regularly in order to earn money, especially when you work for a company or public organization My last job was with a computer firm. He finally got a job in a supermarket.Work is used in a more general way to talk about activities that you do to earn money, either working for a company or for yourself Will you go back to work when you've had the baby? I started work when I was 18.!! Do not say 'what is your job?' or 'what is your work?'. Say what do you do? or what do you do for a living?Post and position are more formal words for a job in a company or organization. They are used especially in job advertisements and when you are talking about someone moving to a different job This post would suit a recent graduate. He left last summer for a teaching position in Singapore.Use occupation to talk about the kind of work that someone usually does, for example if they are a teacher, lawyer, driving instructor etc. Occupation is used mainly on official forms State your name, age, and occupation in the box below.!! Do not use occupation to talk about your own job I am an accountant. (NOT My occupation is an accountant).A profession is a kind of work for which you need special training and a good education, for example teaching, law, or medicine the legal professionYour career is the type of work that you do or hope to do for most of your life I'm interested in a career in television. His career is more important to him than his family.See also job