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advocatead‧vo‧cate2 /ˈædvəkət, -keɪt/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  1 APPROVEsomeone who publicly supports someone or something syn proponentadvocate of She’s a passionate advocate of natural childbirth.advocate for an advocate for the disabled2 BOSCTa lawyer who speaks in a court of law, especially in Scotland devil's advocate
Examples from the Corpus
advocateBehavior, advocates of this approach argued, was determined by its consequences.He is wrong, they argue, in considering a pro-choice advocate for vice president.The club has vigorously defended the mayor against attacks by other disabled advocates who say Brown has done little for them.The National Rifle Association and other advocates of firearms rights are expected to vigorously oppose these proposals.He was noted for his prodigious memory, was deeply religious, and a staunch advocate of temperance.Clinton was seen as a strong advocate for a variety of educational improvements.The most substantive problem, which advocates try to hide, is that the flat tax is a sop to the rich.advocate ofShe is a passionate advocate of natural childbirth.