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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbiographerbi‧og‧ra‧pher /baɪˈɒɡrəfə $ -ˈɑːɡrəfər/ noun [countable]  BOTCNsomeone who writes a biography of someone else
Examples from the Corpus
biographerAnd he is too morally didactic to enjoy, as a biographer must, the complexities and ambiguities of his subject.On the other hand, it makes him an elusive target for a biographer.Once, amid a furious shouting match reported by Clinton biographer David Maraniss, then-Gov.As one biographer reports, it almost killed him, but he found no peace until he had finished every last one.Law's biographer said that it came from Balfour; and Crewe said that it came from Montagu and Derby.The biographer says nothing of a king's other chief relaxation, the evening carouse.At least three biographers have been snubbed by the elder Basquiat.