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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbodyguardbod‧y‧guard /ˈbɒdiɡɑːd $ ˈbɑːdiɡɑːrd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 BOPROTECTsomeone whose job is to protect an important person The senator arrived, surrounded by personal bodyguards.2 PROTECTa group of people who work together to protect an important person
Examples from the Corpus
bodyguardThe President arrived, surrounded by bodyguards.He escaped injury, but one of his bodyguards was shot and two others were injured when their vehicle overturned.He was traveling alone, because he wanted his bodyguards to spend Sundays with their families.Then, as we neared home again, I noticed Iobates' bodyguard hiding in ambush.The car was unmarked, there were no military or diplomatic plates, no official driver, no bodyguard.She caused upset by demanding that her own bodyguards handle security arrangements during the ceremony, a request that was flatly refused.The agency provides bodyguards for movie and music stars.a member of the Emperor's bodyguardHe works the crowd so long that the bodyguards hired by his attorney roll their eyes in exhaustion.