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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcaretakercare‧tak‧er /ˈkeəˌteɪkə $ ˈkerˌteɪkər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishBOSES someone whose job is to look after a building, especially a school syn janitor American English2 LOOK AFTER somebodysomeone who looks after a house or land while the person who owns it is not there3 caretaker manager/government/boss etc4 American EnglishSS someone who looks after other people, especially a teacher, parent, nurse etc syn carer British English
Examples from the Corpus
caretakerPoole and Bowman had often humorously referred to them-selves as caretakers or janitors aboard a ship that could really run itself.Apparently she accepted that she was the primary caretaker of her children and the linchpin of family life.The infant can feel at one with its care-taker because the caretaker identifies with the needs of the infant.When they had fruitlessly exhausted their task, Myeloski called the caretaker to guide them round the rest of the palace.Baptist Nunn, the caretaker of Bigshot Rayle and Lodge was receiving threats of extortion from the gang.The other, the caretaker said, had been empty since 1974 and had housed a testing facility for the Navy.The caretaker, an old man and frightened by what he saw, went to his wife who then called the police.Higher up the hill the streets were full of office buildings, so that the parishioners were caretakers.