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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcatererca‧ter‧er /ˈkeɪtərə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  BODFa person or company that provides and serves food and drinks at a party, meeting etc
Examples from the Corpus
catererAfter a lengthy conversation with the experienced caterer at the other end of the line you arrange to show him your establishment.Food without frontiers is the norm now with quiche, tacos or tapas and coronation chicken readily supplied by outside caterers.The council spokesman also said there were not enough professional caterers in the area to meet demand.If you have trouble finding a place for your event, ask the caterer about locales or venues. 4.In order for the caterer to calculate a realistic cost per person, you must give as much information as possible.The caterers, Mr and Mrs Sharpstone, were the sort of people you could lay on an open wound.Davis speaks to 17 restaurant professionals, from chef-owners to caterers to pastry chefs, about the restaurant business.There are many ways to use caterers.