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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconsultantcon‧sul‧tant /kənˈsʌltənt/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable]  1 BOADVISEsomeone whose job is to give advice on a particular subject a management consultant2 British EnglishMN a hospital doctor of a very high rank who has a lot of knowledge about a particular area of medicinesee thesaurus at doctorCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + consultanta political/financial etc consultantA team of political consultants shaped his election campaign.an outside/independent consultant (=one who does not belong to your organization)An educational programme was planned by outside consultants.a management consultant (=one who advises a company how to improve its management)The company employed management consultants to help with their strategy for the future.a recruitment consultant (=one who helps companies find suitable staff)Recruitment consultants say that employers are reducing the number of new staff.a marketing consultant (=one who gives advice on how to advertise and sell a product)a public relations/PR consultant (=one who advises an organization on how to relate well to the public)an image consultant (=one who advises people how to improve their style or appearance)The new prime minister was advised to see an image consultant.a fashion consultant (=one who advises people on what to wear)It would be great to have your own fashion consultant.verbsact as a consultant (=be a consultant on a particular project)He acted as a historical consultant on the film.work as a consultantWe have 170 staff working as computer consultants to clients.employ a consultantWe sometimes employ consultants to help with marketing.hire/engage a consultant (=start to employ one)The company hired an outside consultant to review staffing levels.bring in a consultant (=start to use one)Consultants were brought in to examine the building.
Examples from the Corpus
consultantHe's left his job as a computer programmer and is working as a consultant for a German firm.As a consultant to NASA, Cockburn had access to confidential details of the US space program.Booth is a consultant on language with one of the national press agencies.He was a consultant for the Robert Redford movie Quiz Show.Co. banking consultant Ted Devine.The industrial engineering consultant makes his report of findings to Hanes and Sparta management.Raise call-outs with maintenance companies and liaise with engineers, consultants and other staff.Discussion and conclusions After this series of hour long consultant interviews the interviewers were left with three dominant impressions.Morris is a Democratic media consultant.The plant consultant will come into an establishment to select material, and is then followed by the plant technician.Dr Jamieson is the consultant psychologist at St Andrew's hospital.The consultant emphasised if she followed his instructions implicitly there was no reason she should not return to full health.The consultant will need sufficient power to influence the sponsor in order to sell the effort to others in the organization.The consultant told Jean that an operation was necessary to save her life.