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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcraftsmancrafts‧man /ˈkrɑːftsmən $ ˈkræfts-/ ●○○ noun (plural craftsmen /-mən/) [countable]  BOGOOD ATsomeone who is very skilled at a particular craft
Examples from the Corpus
craftsmanWhy commission a craftsman to labour for weeks on a design of guitar that was specifically intended for mass production?And like all craftsmen, they were not always taken seriously by the intellectually fashionable people of their times.There was much use of natural materials, and craftsmen expected like medieval masons to be given general rather than highly specific directions.Magazines of the day published architectural plans for craftsman bungalows that were affordable to working-class as well as middle-class families.The disproportionate population of samurai attracted vast numbers of retailers, craftsmen and servants to service the large and wealthy consumer market.However, the similarity between these motifs is sufficiently close to suggest the work of the same craftsman.The original designs were made by highly skilled craftsmen.First of all, it implies an apprenticeship period in which the craftsman learns control so that he can later abandon it.They were craftsmen, albeit craftsmen of a very high level.