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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdoormandoor‧man /ˈdɔːmæn, -mən $ ˈdɔːr-/ noun (plural doormen /-men, -mən/) [countable]  BODLa man who usually wears a uniform and works in a hotel, club etc letting people into the building, helping people find taxis etcporter
Examples from the Corpus
doormanWe dropped Gloria off at a doorman building.He wore well-pressed fatigues and had the distant look of a doorman in a gold coat outside a new hotel.Jude was waiting in the lobby with the shame-faced doorman.Three blocks south of there, I gave my own night doorman a nod and got a nod in return.This is not a man who thinks that he is simply capitalism's doorman.A uniformed doorman smiled in welcome and confirmed Miss van Ryneveld was expecting her.But the usual doorman was not on duty.