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escortes‧cort2 /ˈeskɔːt $ -ɔːrt/ noun [countable]  1 WITHa person or a group of people or vehicles that go with someone in order to protect or guard them a police escortunder escort He was driven away to prison under armed escort (=protected or guarded by an escort).2 TAKE/BRINGsomeone who goes with someone to a formal social event3 BOTAKE/BRINGsomeone who is paid to go out with someone socially an escort agency4 American English a prostitute, especially one who goes to social events or on trips with the person who pays them
Examples from the Corpus
escortAnd for each of the 15 girls buying dresses, there is an escort in need of a tuxedo.They provided an armed escort for the journey back to Cairo.His first wife, Tammy, was his escort at the White House party.A refreshing change from her usual, inexperienced escorts.The agreement says weapons inspectors will be accompanied by Iraqi escorts.Several other smaller aircraft units from North Island will be on board the Nimitz and its escorts.Just my friend Sheila and I, no tour, no escorts.Our escorts, both dressed in blazers and boaters jumped on-board - and promptly steered us straight for a garden wall.The governor travels with a police escort.The three men left the court under police escort.Four hours later, at about 8 p. m., the hikers followed a Forest Service escort to safety.I see her walking with the bride to her new village, being teased by the escort of girls.A few girls, their escorts already gone to join their regiments, wept.police escortMaybe a police escort is a plus.Either he walked out of here with a deal for Simon Cormack, or he would need a police escort anyway.The referee, who needed a police escort from the pitch, was pelted with missiles as he spoke to an officer.This lorry would quickly find himself with a police escort.With a police escort, the family left for the airport on their way to California.And yet I would marvel as he accepted police escorts to whisk him past screaming teenyboppers to court at Wimbledon.Zhu turned to lead the way, followed by Gao Yang and his police escort.The police escort us as we march down Seventh Avenue.