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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfarmhandfarm‧hand /ˈfɑːmhænd $ ˈfɑːrm-/ noun [countable]  TABOsomeone who works on a farm
Examples from the Corpus
farmhandAfter being fired for giving food to the poor, the one-eyed Notburga was hired as a farmhand.He worked as a farmhand and was involved in a variety of tasks.Though poor, the family found room to take in another farmhand by the name of Alexander Serenelli.I parted some grass and wondered why Cawthorne had bothered to run electric and telephone cables to a disused toilet for farmhands.Another drunken former farmhand draped himself across the counter of the farm's lone grocery store.Sixty percent of the farmhands were women, including nearly all the milkers.The farmhands said I could talk to animals.