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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfishmongerfish‧mon‧ger /ˈfɪʃmʌŋɡə $ -mɑːŋɡər, -mʌŋ-/ noun [countable] British English  1 BOsomeone who sells fish2 (also fishmonger’s) a shop that sells fish
Examples from the Corpus
fishmongerMany years ago several small businesses flourished, besides farming; a cobbler, fishmonger, fruiterer, village store and butcher.He must pay whatever the nearest fishmonger charges.Canned goods, fresh produce, fishmongers, breads, pastas, legumes of every variety.Pickles, Mr, King Watkins's fishmonger.The zinc-lined drawers held lumps of ice delivered weekly by the fishmonger.She likes all babies, you ran see her outside the fishmongers peering into other people's prams.In the past, people might settle up annually with fishmongers, blacksmiths, dressmakers, and so forth.