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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrocergro‧cer /ˈɡrəʊsə $ ˈɡroʊsər/ noun [countable]  1 BODFsomeone who owns or works in a shop that sells food and other things used in the home2 grocer’s
Examples from the Corpus
grocerThough rationing was in effect, Tish managed to get a huge steak from an admiring grocer down the street.Chemists, grocers, clothing, footwear and leather shops say that sales improved significantly compared with a year ago.From his doorway, the first grocer scowled at him.A former grocer from Rector Street, at twenty he had gone bankrupt trying to run a cigar store on Pearl Street.The man is oblivious to his living conditions and the fact his 9-year-old son begs food from the neighborhood grocer.I would have to telephone the grocer, if I was to go on.The four richest on paper are revealed as two press barons and two grocers.