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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandlerhan‧dler /ˈhændlə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 BOHBAsomeone who trains an animal, especially a dog a police dog handler2 someone who touches, carries, or moves things as their job All food handlers should be properly trained. baggage handlers at the airport3 someone who helps and advises an important person She is kept well away from the press by her handlers.
Examples from the Corpus
handlerbaggage handlers for the airlineOther hazards lurk around every corner like people jumping from bridges, swimming in dangerous areas, and incompetent boat handlers.In addition, at least a third of the staff should have obtained a food handlers certificate.Two of its producers got jobs as food handlers for Food Lion and worked there wearing tiny hidden cameras and microphones.Proper training of food handlers has a vital role in improving their morale and motivation and ensuring that standards are met.He had been carefully coached by White House handlers before the press conference.Like Grisone, they believe that the horse regards it as a reward when the rider or handler stops punishing it!Instead, they were straining at the bits, and the handler had to restrain them.The fighters and their handlers are finding it as monotonous as anyone else.