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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpresarioim‧pre‧sa‧ri‧o /ˌɪmprəˈsɑːriəʊ $ -rioʊ/ noun (plural impresarios) [countable]  BOAPsomeone who organizes performances in theatres, concert halls etc
Examples from the Corpus
impresarioShe was the publicist for a syndicate of galleries in Soho, an impresario of special events.Salieri's mistress Caterina Cavalieri, and the author of the text, Stephanie himself, as the eponymous impresario.It was a Franco-Italo production, put together by the great impresario de Bailhac in 1936.The Prague impresario Guardasoni was given the unenviable task of getting one together.Spennymoor impresario John Wray met Angie last summer and was inspired to book her for several tours of the North-East.There were several large photographs and the one that he was particularly fond of certainly gives the impression of the successful impresario.He was then a figure in Boise society, scion of Thomas Oglethorpe Tucker, the lumber and tinned-trout impresario.