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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishminermin‧er /ˈmaɪnə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  BOTIsomeone who works under the ground in a mine to remove coal, gold etccoal/gold etc miner a strike by coal miners
Examples from the Corpus
minera coal minerGovernment and industry are behind by some $ 4 billion in paying workers, from coal miners to teachers.But, ominously, official trade unions, which formerly supported the government, are now throwing in with independent miners.And an invaluable inheritance from lead miner, linen weaver and gentleman scientist.The first two of a series of four two-week training workshops for would-be small-scale miners were held in Bulawayo and Chegutu respectively.The dredger represents a major technological advance for the miners.Certain letters had been recently received from the miners telling of a new discovery in Westmorland.As to the miners, before I saw them in the flesh, I would see them in photographs.The miners tramped up the valleys in the morning, worked all day and came down at night.coal/gold etc minerCoal dust exposure is an occupational hazard for coal miners.A group of 1199 men who were not coal miners was identified from general practitioner records in three Nottinghamshire general practices.It is thus of note that 27% of coal miners in our survey have a history of chewing tobacco.K Thousands of coal miners marched through central London to protest at the Government's bungled pit closures.A total of 1272 men from the general population and 2099 retired coal miners aged 50-75 years took part in the study.Not only that, the coal miners throughout the Soviet Union went on strike.Nelson, historic landmarks from the early days of the fur-trader, the gold miner and the explorer.