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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnight porterˈnight ˌporter noun [countable] British English  DLTBOsomeone who works at the main entrance of a hotel during the night
Examples from the Corpus
night porterThe doors of the hotel were closed but the night porter appeared as soon as I rang the bell.This is a normal practice where, for instance, the night porter books in a guest after reception has closed.Downstairs would be in darkness, so any light going on would attract the attention of the night porter.Scenario 1 Suppose the night porter has gone through to the kitchen to make a sandwich.We think the night porter called them out, probably to make a few quid.After arguing with the night porter for another ten minutes, they worked their way up floor by floor.The night porter used a passkey for those rooms that were empty or where no-one answered.