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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnursenurse1 /nɜːs $ nɜːrs/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 MNsomeone whose job is to look after people who are ill or injured, usually in a hospital The nurse is coming to give you an injection. The school nurse sent Sara home. a male nurse a senior nurse a student nurse (=someone who is learning to be a nurse) a psychiatric nurse (=a nurse for people who are mentally ill) a community nurse district nurse, staff nurse2 old-fashionedBOLOOK AFTER somebody a woman employed to look after a young child syn nanny nursery nurse, wet nurse
Examples from the Corpus
nurseTheir male nurses, strong men, would carry them up the stairs and settle each one on to a cot.The average age of nurses is now over 45.Economics of nurse training Investigator: K Hartley Nurses are the most expensive single resource in the hospital sector.A practical nurse brought old red wine, a silver tray of smoked salmon, crumbled hard-boiled egg, capers and lemon.Josephine is a registered nurse.Registered nurses are doing what only Nurse Practitioners used to do.Only a Sister in her sixties, and two staff nurses were on duty in reception.I asked the nurse what the problem was.She asks the nurse if her husband has left.Matron and some of the nurses were standing by.