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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnursemaidnurse‧maid /ˈnɜːsmeɪd $ ˈnɜːrs-/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  BOLOOK AFTER somebodya woman employed to look after young children
Examples from the Corpus
nursemaidAs for Jamie, he saw her as nothing but a helpmate for Katherine and a nursemaid for Patrick.But even these can not afford to act as nursemaids to more than a few sick clients.What concerned me was that Mrs Witherspoon was there and that her presence relieved me of my job as nursemaid and bottle-washer.And then there would have been the further inconvenience of the nursemaid.None of the nursemaids I had engaged were of any use at all.Mami was in a good mood, letting the baby go off with the nursemaid, Milagros.The nursemaid and I took it to him.Whatever Eloise said or did to upset young nursemaids remained a mystery to him.