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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpropro1 /prəʊ $ proʊ/ ●●○ noun (plural pros) [countable]  1 BOJOB/WORKsomeone who is paid to do something, especially play a sport, that other people do for pleasure syn professional opp amateur a tennis pro the small gap between top amateurs and pros in golf2 informal (also old pro)EXPERIENCED someone who has had a lot of experience with a particular type of situation Cathy’s an old pro at organizing raffles.3 pros and cons4 British English old-fashioned informalBOSY a prostitute pro forma, pro rata
Examples from the Corpus
proA pro teaches two sessions a day.a golf proIf there's a fish down there he'll catch it - he's a old pro.My accountant knows his stuff - he's a real pro.Besides, I was one of the pros.For the Sunday the pros would be on their own, battling it out for the first prize of £500,000.So even two-player matches are like watching two top pros playing, albeit without the glorious sight of their beer bellies!The focus of the drama shifts to discovering the dangers, and weighing up pros and cons of using the magic carpet.During the past few months, we have again weighed upthe pros and cons of reapplying now, or waiting for the time being.