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propro2 adjective informal  1 BOJOB/WORKpaid to do something, especially play a sport, that other people do for pleasure syn professionalturn/go pro Most young talented players are determined to turn pro.2 American English played or done by people who are paid for what they do pro basketball
Examples from the Corpus
proa pro basketball playerMcMullen has had six fights in his pro career, winning four, losing one and drawing one.They have also given the lesser players their chance to see if pro golf is for them.They were meant to be a pro group while we were just starting out.Those problems aside, Acousticubes might prove to be good, quality nerve-centres for a touring, pro musician's setup.Has he signed up one of the most formidable Arabs to ride for his expanding pro team?pro wrestlingturn/go proLewis earned tremendous clout when the sport went pro.Many sumo greats including Rikidozan, Tenyru and Choshu have turned pro.You should have a good amateur record before turning pro.It will McCullough's seventh fight since he turned pro at the start of the year.Never went pro, but I used to put him on as part of my act.Now he seems nearly unbeatable, ready to turn pro immediately.Both skaters turned pro last year.