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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishregistrarre‧gis‧trar /ˌredʒəˈstrɑː◂ $ ˈredʒəstrɑːr/ noun [countable]  1 BORECORDsomeone who is in charge of official records of births, marriages, and deaths2 an official of a college or university who deals with the running of the college3 MN British English a hospital doctor who has finished his or her training but is of a lower rank than a consultant
Examples from the Corpus
registrarQuotas for career registrars were issued two years late, and those for research registrars have yet to be issued.Peter and his registrar were already gowned, gloved, and were putting sterile drapes on the patient.However, if the patient required an X-ray he or she had to be seen by one of the consultants or registrars.It was quite true that she had deserved that paediatric registrar post.Consultants and senior registrars are not rewarded for teaching and seldom have been trained in educational methods.The registrar was a dignified man who behaved with the correct degree of formality.