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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsaleswomansales‧wom‧an /ˈseɪlzˌwʊmən/ noun (plural saleswomen /-ˌwɪmɪn/) [countable]  BOSELLa woman whose job is selling things
Examples from the Corpus
saleswomanBut Caroline had not hired on as a saleswoman, and she'd certainly not hired on to be sociable.She had been a saleswoman and loved it.Some newly minted salesmen and saleswomen have been laid off from other jobs.Dyroen-Lancer has made money as an Avon saleswoman.But the real head-case is Carolyn, a failing real-estate saleswoman.None of the other five saleswomen was available for comment.On a street corner in the bustling city centre Petrona Sanchez, a lottery saleswoman, is equally bewildered.Jacking out, the saleswoman slid her finger into a socket behind the counter.