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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschoolmasterschool‧mas‧ter /ˈskuːlˌmɑːstə $ -ˌmæstər/ noun [countable] British English  SESBOa male teacher, especially in a private school (=one that parents pay to send their children to)
Examples from the Corpus
schoolmasterRichard got his Doctorate, and decided to become a schoolmaster.Her name's Gillian, and she's marrying a schoolmaster.A dedicatory Latin poem was contributed by John Elmeston, schoolmaster of Cranbrook.As a former schoolmaster, he has always been outspoken on education issues and a firm supporter of traditional learning methods.Returning home, Jude says farewell to his schoolmaster who is leaving to try and study at Christminster.It was thought preferable for the schoolmaster and schoolmistress to be man and wife.The son could not see why the state should tax the schoolmaster to support the priest, but never vice versa.He talked to Stewart and some of his friends and to the schoolmasters he knew best.