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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_293_cscrewscrew1 /skruː/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 screw.jpg DHTBCa thin pointed piece of metal that you push and turn in order to fasten pieces of metal or wood togethernail Fix the frame in position and tighten the screws.2 informal not polite a) SYSEX/HAVE SEX WITHan offensive word meaning an act of having sex b) a good screw a very offensive word for someone who is good at having sex3 have a screw loose4 put/tighten the screws on somebody5 British English informalBONAME OF A PERSON a prison officer – used especially by prisoners
Examples from the Corpus
screwThe drive must be held in position until a screw fixing can be made.A good waterproof adhesive should be used in addition to fixing screws.Some one in Bullfinch had removed all the screws from the seats of the scoop chairs in the solarium.The screw was only allowed to be effective where nothing could possibly be effected by its application.You just need to tighten these two screws here.