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sweepsweep2 noun [countable]  1 MOVE something OR somebodya long swinging movement of your arm, a weapon etc With a single sweep of his sword, he cut through the rope.2 [usually singular] British EnglishDHC the act of cleaning a room with a long-handled brush The kitchen needs a good sweep.3 the sweep of something4 [usually singular]LOOK FORATTACK a search or attack that moves over a large area He watched the helicopter make a sweep over the beach.5 the sweeps6 American English a series of several games that one team wins against another team7 BODHCa chimney sweep clean sweep at clean1(14)
Examples from the Corpus
sweepPolice made a sweep of the area to arrest drug dealers.This really means cutting in angled sweeps, allowing the double blade to cut on the forward and return arc.Neighbors had complained that months went by and one never saw a chimney sweep.Nevertheless, a foot sweep does require a lot of power to prevent it from degenerating into no more than a shin attack.The Giants completed their four-game sweep of Atlanta.The whale swam away with great sweeps of its tail.I felt the slow sweep of geologic time.A good deal of that has changed in the sweep of less than 100 years.The sweep of the court's decision could affect all car manufacturers.The sweep into Putumayo promises equally dire consequences.make ... sweepOur company makes sweeps from the base, staying in the field for four, five days.He made a sweeping gesture at the microphones, cameras and reporters.It is this convergence of class, gender, and race that makes a sweeping attack on one segment of society possible.Before we set up for the night, we made a sweep of the entire area.