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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtypisttyp‧ist /ˈtaɪpɪst/ noun [countable]  1 BOWRITEa secretary whose main job is to type letters2 WRITEsomeone who uses a computer keyboard or a typewriter I’m a slow typist.
Examples from the Corpus
typistInstead, the questions are relayed by a chat moderator, and a typist enters the replies.Of course, Nora felt being a typist was below her, and she couldn't bear the people she worked with.She was only a typist in the navy.A politically appointed typist could be required to type the same number of words a minute as the civil service typist.Their bosses view them as no more than glorified typists and they are denied career opportunities.If you are not a proficient typist, do not type your own work.But the typist turns out to be a prisoner serving a sentence for rape.This point of near total degradation would be reached before 99.9995 percent of the typists had even seen it.