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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwarderward‧er /ˈwɔːdə $ ˈwɔːrdər/ (also prison warder) noun [countable]  British EnglishSCJBO someone who works in a prison guarding the prisonersguard
Examples from the Corpus
warderThere just aren't enough policemen and warders to feed them and so on.One warder lost an eye in the battle to regain control.Daantjie Siebert, told the prison warder that Biko had studied medicine and yoga and was probably faking his injuries.The bulls, the dragon-men, the serpent warder of the Fleece, I conquered them.They are the warders, the drivers, the technicians, the Factory supervisors.The warder found the key he sought, unlocked the door and allowed Nicholson through.We also need people prepared to write, as pen-friends, to warders and other officials in the prison service.He was heavily guarded, two yeoman warders being in the room with him and another at the door.