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chartchart2 ●○○ AWL verb  1 [transitive]RECORD to record information about a situation or set of events over a period of time, in order to see how it changes or develops Scientists have been charting temperature changes in the oceans.2 [transitive] to make a plan of what should be done to achieve a particular result Each team was responsible for making its own decisions and charting its own course.3 [transitive]HEO to make a map of an area of land, sea, or stars, or to draw lines on a map to show where you have travelleduncharted4 [intransitive] if a record charts, it enters the weekly list of the most popular records Their next single didn’t chart.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
chartAll the far-flung stars must be cataloged, so as to chart a course for sailors over the oceans of the Earth.You may feel comfortable with your growth, or you may want to chart a course so you can improve even faster.The article charts how adverts, in the past and in the present, have succeeded in linking the cigarette with sophistication.She aims to chart new cases of cancer in areas around nuclear power stations.Lydell has spent years charting the movement of these asteroids.I kept a diary of events and attempted to chart the process by which 6-year-old Balbinder was removed from mainstream education.A nerve-wracking wait added to the mounting psychological pressure as we charted the progress of the sun over the Anglesey seascape.The computer will chart the spacecraft's progress as it approaches Saturn.The project seeks to chart the speed of reaction by entrants to profitable opportunities, and documents the principal barriers to entry.