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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishebbebb1 /eb/ noun  1 [singular] (also ebb tide)HEO the flow of the sea away from the shore, when the tide goes out opp flood tide2 be at a low ebb3 ebb and flow
Examples from the Corpus
ebbJohn summed it up as the super sixties, sobering seventies and ebb and flow of the eighties.In the past eighteen months he has felt at an appallingly low ebb.We had a few concluding words about the literary scene in London, which he thought to have reached a pretty low ebb.Inspiration seemed to be at a very low ebb.At her lowest ebb, she would have scorned to stoop to such tactics.At his lowest ebb, Macari was threatened with imprisonment and his wife rang friends to secure bail money of £50,000.The latest setback is another sign of the ebb in the governor's influence.