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ebbebb2 verb [intransitive]  1 HEOif the tide ebbs, it flows away from the shore2 (also ebb away)REDUCE to gradually decrease Linda’s enthusiasm began to ebb away.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
ebbDelay it, and its vitality would ebb.Under these conditions, our normal self-assurance ebbs.But the fear, whatever it was, was ebbing, and I could once again take deep breaths and release them.The tide was ebbing, and they went down on the steeply shelving bed of the Conway.Now the excitement had begun to ebb at leaving Miss Tish.But their strength was ebbing away, and neither DeFreitas nor Botham could contribute, both on the field but carrying injuries.As El Ni o ebbs away, drought follows the torrential rain.I could feel my courage ebbing away.But the power of men like Allen ebbed quickly after segregationist Democrats regained command of the Legislature in 1872.