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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsandbanksand‧bank /ˈsændbæŋk/ noun [countable]  HEOa raised area of sand in a river, ocean etc
Examples from the Corpus
sandbankMale speaker I was dragged along a sandbank, but it was still good.A small lagoon is formed by the stream between a sandbank and the rock wall.Rodley sighted a sandbank awash ahead.Wading birds collect great quantities of small molluscs from sandbanks and mud flats when the tide retreats.When the tide turns, the birds are forced off the sandbanks and gather on the saltmarshes.Their frayed bodies lie rotting in drifts on the surface of the streams and are washed up in piles on the sandbanks.Rockling, dabs, odd flounder and school bass at night over the sandbanks at Llandanwg.As soon as she released the stick, he shot off, following its long, curving flight out on to the sandbanks.