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soundsound2 ●●● S1 W2 verb  1 seem [linking verb]SEEM if something or someone sounds good, bad, strange etc, that is how they seem to you when you hear about them or read about themsound adj Istanbul sounds really exciting. The whole story sounded very odd. $80 sounds about right for a decent hotel room.sound nounBritish English British English That sounds a good idea.sound like Nick sounds like a nice guy.it sounds as if/as though It sounds to me as if he needs professional help.it sounds like informal It sounds like you had a good time on your trip. I’ll come over to Richmond and take you out for dinner. How does that sound (=used to ask someone what they think of your suggestion)? faraway places with strange-sounding names2 noise [linking verb] if a noise sounds like a particular thing, that is how it seems to you when you hear itsound like To Thomas, her laugh sounded horribly like a growl. I heard what sounded like fireworks.sound adj Her breathing sounded very loud.(it) sounds as if/as though The banging sounded as if it was coming from next door.(it) sounds like informal It sounds like the dog wants to be let out.3 voice [linking verb]SHOW A FEELING OR ATTITUDESHOW/BE A SIGN OF if someone sounds tired, happy, sad etc, that is how they seem to you when you hear their voicesound adj Are you okay? You sound tired. Josie didn’t sound very keen when I spoke to her. Her voice sounded very young.sound as if/as though You sound as if you’ve got a cold.sound like informal She sounded like she’d been crying.sound like You sound just like my mother (=the things you say, opinions you express etc are just like the things my mother says).4 warning [transitive] to publicly give a warning or tell people to be careful Several earlier studies had sounded similar warnings.sound a note of caution/warning I would, however, sound a note of caution. Now it is an American economist who is sounding the alarm.5 make a noise [intransitive, transitive]SOUND if something such as a horn or bell sounds, or if you sound it, it makes a noise The bell sounded for dinner. Sound your horn to warn other drivers. She was unable to sound the alarm. 6 pronounce [transitive] technicalSL to make the sound of a letter in a word The ‘s’ in ‘island’ is not sounded. Grammar Sound is usually passive in this meaning.7 measure depth [transitive] technicalTMHEO to measure the depth of the sea, a lake etcsoundingsGRAMMAR: Linking verbsSound is a linking verb. This type of verb links the subject of the sentence with an adjective or noun: That sounds ridiculous.It sounds a good idea. sound off sound somebody/something ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
soundIf gas levels get too high, a warning bell will sound.He sounds a pretty strange person.$50 sounds about right.Your system sounds fine and will certainly support either a Coral Beauty or a Bicolor Angel.Jen sounded kind of tired on the phone."We're all going clubbing tomorrow night." "That sounds like fun."It sounds like the conceit of a Disney movie.It sounds like the Sugarhill Gang must still be in Tokyo.Another process boils off the alcohol, which sounds painful.That sounds pretty good to me.I called my dad and told him what has happened. He sounded really angry.The trip sounds really exciting.Istanbul sounds really exciting.Several earlier studies had sounded similar warnings.She had sounded so nice on the phone, not knowledgeable but pleasantly enthusiastic.I know that sounds very childish and naive, but think about it.How does that soundJust something to distinguish hair f nail manic facial. How does that sound to you?So why not bluff and come in from the left? How does that sound to you?(it) sounds likeThat sounds like a bit of a stretch to me.Although both males call, they do so in such close unison that it sounds like a single call.It's the same sort of sound but much lower in volume and pitch - it almost sounds like a stomach rumbling.This band sounds like an ulcer, a festering sore, a self-consuming but none the less exhilarating secretion of bile.Homestead, it sounds like home.A beautiful dish, it is more or less what it sounds like, sticky rice wrapped in green striated lotus leaves.But it sounds like there is something wrong with John's breathing.Unfortunately, it sounds like yours is in the latter category.sounding the alarmStewart dispatched a column sounding the alarm.They have lost no time in sounding the alarm about an impending famine, which they say threatens 1.9m people.Several health officials began sounding the alarm about the hazards of the sun's rays.The Big Three began sounding the alarm in a big way when January sales figures were reported.When it comes to sounding the alarm, they have an ally in the forest clearings.sound the alarmIt is placed in your child's seat and if he moves off it, the pressure-sensitive cushion sounds the alarm.Stewart dispatched a column sounding the alarm.Then, coming to herself again, she pressed the stud at her neck and sounded the alarm.Volcanologist Pierce Brosnan and small-town mayor Linda Hamilton sound the alarm.When the First Lady looked in on him and discovered he was missing, she panicked and sounded the alarm.He was one of the earliest to sound the alarm about the fate of churches and their contents.The Big Three began sounding the alarm in a big way when January sales figures were reported.When it comes to sounding the alarm, they have an ally in the forest clearings.