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sprayspray2 ●●● S3 noun  1 liquid from a container [countable, uncountable]LIQUID liquid which is forced out of a special container in a stream of very small drops a new hair styling spray Most farmers use pesticide sprays.2 container [countable]TD a container which forces liquid out in a stream of small drops Mary took a perfume spray from her handbag.3 moving liquid a) [uncountable]HEO water in very small drops that is blown from the sea etc or sent up by vehicles on a wet road spray from the waves My face was stinging from the salt spray. b) [countable] liquid that comes quickly from somewhere in very small dropsspray of A spray of blood came from his mouth.4 branch [countable]HBP a small branch or stem with leaves or flowers on it, used for decoration syn sprigspray of a spray of holly5 flowers [countable]DCB an attractive arrangement of flowers or leavesspray of a spray of violets and primroses6 a spray of bullets/gravel etc
Examples from the Corpus
sprayGranules, seed treatment, bait sprays or selective placement may be better than an overall spray.The Second Battle of Niagara Our dreams exceeding by thy bounteous spray.Approximately ten minutes after the fourth spray, the bread should turn a light golden color.The example shown here is not a traditional botanical picture, but more a natural spray or group.These days, everyone wishes to avoid wasting money on sprays that may not be cost effective.Pepper spray has been linked to the deaths of 39 people in California and 80 people across the country.Use pump sprays instead of aerosol sprays.It sort of humped up in the middle, sucking water with it, shrugging sprays of water from its wavy edges!During the storm, spray from the waves reached houses half a mile inland.spray ofa spray of irises