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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfetidfet‧id /ˈfetɪd/ adjective formal  COhaving a strong bad smell syn stinking the black fetid water of the lake the dog’s fetid breath
Examples from the Corpus
fetidI went into the street where, after the fetid air of the synagogue, I breathed in the fresh air gratefully.Water oozed out of the walls and as each night wore on, the heat distilled a fetid and poisonous atmosphere.He could almost feel hot, fetid breath warming his skin.It ventured forth only to kill cattle or flatten crops, poisoning the air with its fetid breath.Sickness caused by overcrowding, and the damp, fetid conditions had appalled him.A fetid light blazed from Old Saul's sockets.There were no masses of poor crushed together in fetid slums, scrabbling for every crust.The fetid smell of swamp seeped through the concrete.the fetid streets of the slum