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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmustymust‧y /ˈmʌsti/ adjective 🔊 🔊 COSMELLa musty room, house, or object has an unpleasant smell, because it is old and has not had any fresh air for a long time 🔊 the musty smell of old books
Examples from the Corpus
mustyThe hotel room was dark and musty.The company was demoralized and faintly musty.In the thick, musty air of the dungeon I felt a creeping graveyard chill.The furniture smelled musty and old.The high velvet shoulder of his doublet smelt musty as though it had been lying in a trunk for centuries.Stepping through the door we entered into a musty Mary Celeste type atmosphere.a musty motel roomThe library was full of musty old books which no one wanted to read.It has 10 floors, with elevators, and a musty, professional ambience.The law can seem a distant, musty reality, no matter how shocking the changes it effects in national custom.There were many conflicting smells -- musty scents suggestive of faded perfumes, herbal teas, and an aging woman.A dark hall, musty with age.