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accession accredited aide ambassador apparatchik archduke assemblyman assemblywoman attaché badge borough council caliph chamberlain chancellery chancellor Chancellor of the Exchequer chieftain city fathers city planning civil servant clerk clerk of works Cllr commissioner comptroller congressman congresswoman consul consulate coroner councillor councilman councilwoman courtier crown(n) crown(v) crowned head Customs and Excise -cy czar czarina deputy dictator dignitary diplomat diplomatic diplomatic corps diplomatic immunity dispatch box dispensation -dom dossier drug czar ducal duchess duchy duke dukedom elder statesman embassy emirate emissary emperor empress Eurocrat figurehead governor Governor-General governorship gubernatorial hack Home Secretary impeach inaugurate incumbency incumbent khalif khan legate legation legislator local council lord Lord mandarin marshal mayor mayoralty mayoress member Member of Parliament MEP MI5 MI6 minister ministerial minister of state mission mole monarch monitor motorcade MP No. 10 occupy -ocrat office office holder officer official(n) official(a) officialdom officialese overlord palace patriarchal patrician Pharaoh plenipotentiary PM post posting potentate PPS prefect premier pres. presidency president president-elect presidential press secretary pretender Prime Minister prince prince consort princess proconsul proconsulate Provost public servant quango queen queenly Queen Mother rajah red tape reeve reign(n) reign(v) reshuffle royal(a) royal(n) royalty ruler secretary senator Shah sheriff shogun sovereign soviet statesman succession sultan sultana technocrat town clerk town council tribune triumvirate troika tsar tsarina tzar tzarina undersecretary viceroy vizier VP walkabout watchdog whip White House


1 noun
of‧fi‧cial1 S3 [countable]
PGOBB someone who is in a position of authority in an organization:
a government official
senior administration officials