Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: bage


badge [countable]
1PPGSSO British English a small piece of metal, cloth, or plastic with a picture or words on it, worn to show rank, membership of a group, support for a political idea etc [= button AmE, pin AmE]
We were each handed a badge with our name on it.
2PGO a small piece of metal or plastic that you carry to show people that you work for a particular organization, for example that you are a police officer

a badge of honour/courage etc

something that shows that you have a particular quality:
He now sees his wartime injuries as a badge of honor.
4SSO also merit badge American English a small piece of cloth with a picture on it, given to scouts, guides etc to show what skills they have learned:
Steve won a photography badge in the Boy Scouts.

badge of office

British EnglishPGO an object which shows that you have an official position:
Mayors wear chains around their necks as badges of office.

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