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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcourtiercourt‧ier /ˈkɔːtɪə $ ˈkɔːrtɪr/ noun [countable]  PGOsomeone in the past with an important position at a royal court
Examples from the Corpus
courtierHe was neither a plotter nor a courtier.For court musicians were at once household servants and courtiers, suitors for office.As archbishop of Toledo, he chased the fawning courtiers from his palace and stripped it of finery.The King and his courtiers started at the sight of Kabir when he entered the hall.The Duchess had never been liked by many courtiers and members of the Royal Household since the day of the engagement.Until the 1890s, the garden was reserved for the exclusive use of either the monarch or selected courtiers.Senior courtiers went to await the arrival of the train at the capital.Lonely Diana decided to set up her own select circle of trusted courtiers, male and female.